Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Orange County Bass Club?
Established in 1978, the Orange County Bass Club is recognized as one of the best-organized and skilled bass fishing clubs in Southern California with members ranging from novice to professional.  The club holds monthly meetings and tournaments, exchanges ideas and techniques to improve fishing skills of the club, promotes bass conservation, boating safety, camaraderie and fun.

Our club fishes 10 regular season tournaments beginning in January of each year,  followed by a season ending Tournament of Champions.  Club members may fish WON Bass, ABA, FLW and other circuits as well.

Club Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of every month at 7:30 PM at the Garden Grove Elk's Lodge located at 11551 Trask Avenue (Corner of Trask and Newhope).  We normally hold a raffle at the meetings with a chance to win baits, tackle and gear.  In addition, we periodically invite a guest speaker to our meetings to talk bassin and learn about the newet techniques the Pro's are using to catch bass.  Click Club Meeting Schedule to see the current Orange County Bass club schedule.

What Lakes Does OCB Fish?
The Orange County Bass Club fishes all the local lakes in Southern California as well as lakes in Central and Northern California.  In addition, we fish lakes such as Havasu, Mohave, Mead and Martinez.  We fish one long-range tournament each year such as Clear Lake, Shasta, Delta, etc.  Click Tournament Schedule  to see the current Orange County Bass Club schedule.
Do I Need a Boat to Become Club Member?
No.  Everyone is welcome... boaters and non-boaters, novice fisherman wanting to learn how to bass fish, and skilled anglers wanting to compete at the club level.

How Much Does It Cost to Join?
Annual membership fee is $40.00, which covers club operating costs for insurance, awards, Elk's Lodge annual fee, etc.  Tournament fee to fish a club event is $40.00, and there is an optional $5.00 Big Fish Pot for each tournament.

Tell Me About Your Tournaments? 
Our club fishes 10 regular tournaments a year, with a combination of one-day and two-day tournaments.  Tournaments are held on the 1st Weekend of the month unless it interferes with a holiday.  Click Tournament Schedule to see OC Bass Club's current schedule.  One-day tournaments are "draw" tournaments where boaters and non-boaters are drawn and paired together to fish the event at the meeting prior to the tournament.  Two-day tournaments are "Pick-Your-Partner" tournaments where club members are allowed to choose their fishing partner for those two days.  Any non-boater needing a partner will be paired up with a boater at the meeting or later by the Tournament Director or other club officer.

Orange County Bass Club tournaments are run by our Tournament Director and governed by our By-Laws and Tournament Rules, which have been voted on and approved by the club members.

Club members compete for points, awards and cash.  Each tournament will pay the first three-places plus big fish for each day.

How Can I Qualify to Fish The Tournament of Champions (TOC)?
The Tournament of Champions is our club's season ending "Classic".    It is a non-fee two-day tournament consisting of the 10 highest club point scorers in descending order.  In addition, a member winning a tournament attending (5) club meetings and fishing a minimum of five (5) tournaments during the year qualifies.  Contestants fish for cash accumulated in the TOC Fund.

How Do I Know if I Will Fit in The Orange County Bass Club?
If you are enthusiastic about Bass fishing you'll fit in just fine!  Whether you are an experienced angler or a novice you can learn something new about bass fishing and along the way make new friends that will last a lifetime.  Our goal is to have fun, make some new friends, learn a little more about our passion for bass fishing, and enjoy a little friendly competition.

If you share the same thoughts, then we'd love to have to join our Club!

Please email or call us if you have any questions and we'll be happy to contact you as soon as possible.

President:  Chad Compton / Email:

VP & Tournament Director:  Chris Grogan / Email:

Secretary:  Jesse Vargas / Email:

Treasurer:  Brent Oldham / Email:

Master at Arms:
  Kristian Puga / Email: 

Marketing Director: Ken Bullard / Email:

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